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Pizza65 R2 - 65% Top Mount keyboard case, made in Italy

Pizza65 it's a simple, minimalistic top-mount keyboard case that features an awesome sound profile, lots of customization possibilities and a unique premium finish.


Every part is carefully machined from single blocks of 6082 series Aluminum, then sandblasted by hand with a special process and finally anodized to obtain a rich, grainy looking but smooth at touch texture. The combination of machining experience, fine tools and design brings the Pizza65 to the next quality level.

Top-Mount = Best Mount?

Our Seamless Top-Mount design features a bottom part that disappears under the top piece, where the plate is hold in 9 strategically placed points.

The Aluminum and Brass plate variants offer different finishes, flexibility levels and sound profiles to match every taste. 
Typing angle is a comfortable 7 degrees; the weight without components approximately 1.5 kilograms.

 What's in The Box

Pizza65, PCB (if purchased), plate in the chosen variant, rubberpads, fixings, stickers, papers