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Slice65, the new Pizza65's best buddy


Slice65 is our second generation PCB for our Pizza65 custom board.

It's the first keyboard PCB to feature the second generation Kailh Hot-Swap sockets, guaranteed for 6000 cycles of switch swapping versus the 100 cycle of the original ones. The greatly improved internal stability of the sockets bring a soldered-like typing experience, while letting you swap the switches in matter of second.

Thanks to this new component, the redesigned ESD protection and the premium HASL Lead-free matte black finish the Slice65 is extremely durable and versatile.

Great for both newbies and experts, the Slice65 inherits the broken-out GPIO pins from the original PizzaPCB, so that advanced users con add features and have fun customizing the board. 
Powered by an ARM STM32 microcontroller and compatible with both QMK and VIA, Slice65 features a USB type C interface, placed on the left.
Layout is fixed, ANSI only.