PizzaPCB for Pizza65

PizzaPCB for Pizza65

Pizza Keyboards
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Please note that this is a preorder ending the 26 november. Shipments are managed with a first come first served priority and starts soon in mid-january. 

It's unlikely but possible that incoming COVID-19 restrictions in EU might slow down slightly production or shipments.

For orders cancellation after entering the manufacturing stage a 25€ fee is expected.

Matte Black HASL lead-free finish PCB compatible with Pizza65 series.

ESD protected USB-C and powerful F072 ST32 MCU. 

65% Layout, compatible with both ANSI and ISO plates

Supports QMK and VIA compatibility is in development.

Unused pins of the microcontroller are break out on the side of the board, enabling multiple DIY use cases. 

Compatible ANSI and ISO layouts matches with the following