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How to use VIA on Pizza65/PizzaPCB while waiting QMK to merge our request

Now that the first Pizza65 units are being shipped to their owners it's time to discuss a bit the on layout customization. Since it has been a pretty fast group buy we are still waiting QMK to merge our request, that has already been reviewed and approved but needs a little bit more time to be processed. While waiting for QMK to be officially supported you can still use nearly all the features with just a little bit of extra work.  All the PCBs comes pre-flashed with a standard ANSI or ISO firmware depending on which plate you bought, and the best way to customize your layout is to flash the PizzaPCB VIA-compatible firmware and manually upload the Pizza65 definition inside the VIA software. When QMK will approve our request in some weeks this steps won't be necessary and you will be able to use both VIA and QMK tools just with like any other board. 

Follow this easy steps to use VIA:

1) Download the firmware and VIA board definition [here] and unzip them

2) If you don't have it download QMK Toolbox at this link and install it

3) Launch QMK Toolbox

4) Plug in your PizzaPCB and press the reset button (marked as "SW1") on the back of the board for 5 seconds. If your board is already assembled you can unplug the keyboard, press ESC and plug the USB connector while keep pressing: this will have the same effect. 

You should now see a yellow "STM32 DFU device connected" notice on Toolbox

5) Now upload the VIA firmware in QMK Toolbox, by pressing the "open" button and selecting "pizza65_via.bin" you downloaded at step 1

6) Proceed by clicking on the "Flash" button in the Toolbox

An "STM32 DFU device disconnected" will now pop-up on the Toolbox

If this happen, everything is going how it should, and you can proceed.If some flash error (like DFUerr) occurs, please see the troubleshooting section below

7) Open the VIA software. If you don't have VIA, download it here

8) Select the "Settings" tab in VIA and toggle the "Show Design Tab" option

9) Now go to the new "Design" tab and click on "Load", selecting the JSON file named "Pizza65" you downloaded at step 1

You will now be able to use VIA with Pizza65 to fully customize your layout. 

We are sorry to ship out our keyboards without them being fully supported on QMK, but it's just a matter of time: for any extra help you can contact us at info@keyboards.pizza or write us a direct message on Instagram @pizzakeyboards.

Troubleshooting: DFUerr Fix

If you connect the board in DFU and you see a NO DRIVER indication or some error stop the firmware flashing, you are missing the right WinUSB DFU drivers. QMK has an official guide for this kind of situations: 


You need a software called Zadig, that will install or replace the correct DFU drivers. Remember to put the board in DFU state or the HID drivers needed for the keyboard to work will be replaced instead. 

You can also setup the QMK Environment following the official guide to have all the needed drivers without using Zadig. 

Thank you for the attention!