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How to use VIA with the Slice65 Hot-Swap PCB, while waiting for QMK to merge our request

You have received your brand new and shiny Slice65, but you don't know how to customize the layout? This is the right place!

Every new QMK and VIA compatible firmware needs to be approved by the software moderators, that check every merge request made by the keyboards manufacturers like us in the official GitHub repository, in order to maintain the best service and check that code is up-to-date with the community standards. 

We already sent our request some weeks ago, when we finally received the last Slice65 Rev3 prototype, but the process takes some time. While waiting for the Slice65 to be added to the official branches of the QMK and VIA repositories that makes the software work you can follow this simple guide to customize the layout with VIA. 

Step 0: Every Slice65 comes pre-flashed in the box with the VIA-compatible firmware. If you need to re-flash the PCB for any reason, you can [click here] to download the .bin file or look for it in the official VIA Website. You can use QMK Toolbox to flash the device by holding the reset button on the back of the Slice65 board before plugging in the USB-C Cable to enter DFU Mode: if you correctly entered in flashing mode a yellow "STM32 DFU device connected" notice will appear in the Toolbox console.

Step 1: Download the Slice65 VIA definition by clicking [here]

Step 2: Go to https://usevia.app/#/ with a WebHID-enabled browser, like recent versions of Opera, Brave, Chrome and other Chromium Browsers, or Edge. 

Step 2: Select the "Settings" tab in VIA and toggle the "Show Design Tab" option

Step 3: Now go to the new "Design" tab and click on "Load", selecting the JSON file named "Slice65" you downloaded at step 1

Step 4: Now open the "Configure" tab and click on "Authorize Device". A window showing the compatible HID Devices connected to your computer will appear: select the Slice65

You will now be able to use VIA with the Slice65 to fully customize your layout! 

For any extra help you can contact us at info@keyboards.pizza or hit us up with a a DM on Instagram @pizzakeyboards.

Some extra flashing informations are available in our [old guide]